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Bravium Illustris
Bravium illustris, which means illustrious prize winner or distinguished laureate, is the name of an ongoing video portrait project that started with the necessity that I had to show the portrayed women and men in action. I wanted a sequence of images that allowed me to see further into their creative personalities. But what action asserts the work for which these men and women have been recognized? If they would have been football players, the action of kicking a ball would have been enough to transmit their power and strength, but they are writers, scientist, architects, etc. Then I thought that a simple, quotidian but unique action carries the essence of each person and, once repeated, shows the viewer a new dimension of the self. With this idea in mind I asked them to perform in front of the camera the most simple everyday action they could think of. Later, during the editing process we repeated it until it became as natural and simple as the action done by its owner, showing us the dimension that we were missing; the spirit, the intellect, the creative, the alter ego, the bravium illustris, and their reason for being so.Credits: Editing by Patrick Bras

Lorenzo Silva

Winner of the 2012 'Premio Planeta' Literature prize.

Philip Roth

Letters. Prince of Asturias Prize 2012.

Martha C. Nussbaum

Social Sciences. Prince of Asturias Prize 2012.

Rafael Moneo

The Arts. Prince of Asturias Prize 2012.